Mighty Wild - In a NutShell

Mighty Wild was founded by two sisters – Aline Copp and Mimi Brown. When Aline was in the 5th grade, she had acorn pancakes made by her teacher, Charis Smith, after reading the children’s survivalist novel My Side of the Mountain. Years later, while hiking among oak trees, she was reminded of her childhood experience and the age-old practice of cooking with acorns by ancient civilizations.

Together as avid nature lovers and adventurist foodies, Aline and Mimi became inspired to introduce acorns to the modern American palate and formed the mission-driven food company Mighty Wild. In addition to bringing you great tasting products, Mighty Wild donates a portion of its sales to plant trees and is working with the Arbor Day Foundation to make this happen. 

join us on our Mighty journey to rediscover Wild foods!


Food loving, adventure seeking, oak tree adoring, Mighty Wild women!