Happy Texas Arbor Day, y'all!

Texas is a state that loves to celebrate and entertain, and Mighty Wild is so glad to join in on today’s fanfare.  When Aline and I first set off to make acorn crackers, it was important to us that we had quality ingredients and a simple recipe.  This meant that we knew we had to find the best acorns.  This task was not simple. 

When people think about oak trees, they often think of oaks as big, long-lived, and, of course, mighty.  Despite these notions, my friend, Bill Logan, reminded me that when you look at oaks as a species, they are not the biggest – we give a nod to California for the honor of hosting redwoods. Oak trees are also not the oldest around.  Bristle cone pines can live over 5,000 years.  And we hate to admit it, but oak trees are not the strongest in the world.  That trophy goes to the quebracho trees of South America.

What oaks are is abundant.  Whenever I need entrepreneurial inspiration, my father likes to recite to me the motto of the US Marine Corps, “improvise, adapt, and overcome.”  Well, oak trees are doing just that and are a role model for all of us. 

Taxonomists contest that there are over 600 species of oaks.  Aline and I chose to embrace this diversity and not pick just one type of acorn from one type of oak for our food products. Oak trees' flexibility and vast footprint across the Northern hemisphere is what has allowed human civilization to flourish for millennia using the oak as a food source, safe harbor, and as a utilitarian material for great innovation.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow,




Learning to cook with acorns

Food has always been a passion of mine, which is why I left a career in real estate development to enroll in the California Culinary Academy several years ago. My new skill set came in handy this past year as Mimi and I made anything and everything we could think of from acorns - bread, cookies, pasta, pancakes, waffles, muffins and much more. It was quite a culinary adventure full of successes and failures that eventually led us to our delicious acorn crackers!

But before we could explore all the recipe possibilities, we had to figure out how to make acorn flour. There's quite a bit of information out there on how to process acorns. We sifted through the blogs of foragers and scholarly articles to finally come up with our own process we feel preserves the flavor and integrity of our acorns.

Finally after months of R&D and flavor testing we're thrilled to bring you our first acorn products: 1) original, 2) rosemary & caramelized onion, and 3) spicy chipotle acorn crackers. Happy snacking!


Sharing our acorn crackers for the first time!

This summer we introduced our acorn crackers at the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market in Houston, Texas. It was a very exciting moment for us to hear what you thought about our crackers and to incorporate your suggestions before we launch in stores. The enthusiasm for our acorn crackers was overwhelming and convinced us we're on to something great.

Our favorite part about sharing our crackers was to see the smiles emerge on your faces after reading our “Mighty Wild Acorn Crackers” sign. Below are some fun comments from our surveys that we wanted to share with everyone.

  • “I love these! Can’t wait ‘til they are in stores – super flavorful, don’t even taste GF”

  • "I really loved the flavor and that they are natural, no sugar and gluten free"

  • “Y'all have to get these in stores – awesome job!”

  • “I want to feel like I am helping the planet survive” (in response to our tree planting mission)

Many thanks to Scott Howard and Tyler Horne with Urban Harvest for all your support!  

~Aline & Mimi